Take planet-positive action with Box

Take planet-positive action with Box

Did you know that using Box can help you and your organization take planet-positive action? This Earth Day, we want to highlight a few of the ways that our customers are finding the Box Content Cloud helps them with their environmental sustainability goals, and share a few recent actions we’ve taken that we’re excited about, too. Let’s start with a customer story.

charity: water has been a Box customer for almost 10 years, and we’ve grown a lot together over the years. This impactful nonprofit receives our Box.org discount (learn more about that program here) and works to help bring safe and clean water to every person on the planet. That’s no small task. With 771 Million people on earth lacking access to clean water and millions more with clean water supplies at risk due to rising sea-levels due to the impacts of climate change, charity: water is on the frontlines raising awareness and funds to support tens of thousands of water projects in 29 countries around the world.

charity: water uses Box for digital asset management — storing photos, videos, and partner stories to run the campaigns and marketing efforts that help raise the funds for their life saving work. With many different implementation partners and funders, they need secure external collaboration to share program content and provide grant management throughout the grant lifecycle. Box and its seamless integrations with Salesforce and other applications make that possible for them. They need a single repository for content for all their employees and the ability to access it from anywhere. Box powers charity: water’sfull content cloud.

On Earth Day, however, it’s worth sharing a bit more on how Box helps organizations do their part to reduce emissions. Because Box powers access to all of their content in the cloud, charity: water was able to get rid of on premise servers. No more energy-intensive onsite hot closets. Box’s data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy, and our partner infrastructure matches their energy use with 100% renewable energy. This is planet-positive progress. During the pandemic, charity: water was able to transition to fully remote, powered by Box. It’s worked so well for them they’ve decided to continue as a fully remote organization, no longer needing their office space either. With fewer employees commuting and traveling, they expect this is reducing the overall carbon footprint of their employees, as well. One final example is with e-signature and contract management as their standard human resources provisioning process happens with Box Relay and Box Sign and allows this to all be done without paper, thereby saving trees. Trees capture carbon and capturing carbon helps decrease the rate of climate change. So, whether it’s reducing energy consumption from non-renewable sources, decreasing employee travel and office emissions, decreasing paper usage and saving the trees, or all of the above, Box can play an important role in your organization’s sustainability journey. With customers increasingly asking what going with Box means for their company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) goals, we’re eager to share examples like this and learn from you, and discuss how we can best support your environmental sustainability goals.

We’re working to make progress in our own direct ESG journey, too. In March, we published our first ESG Framework and, based on a materiality assessment we conducted last year, agreed that Energy & Climate is our focus within the “E”. Next, we aim to better understand our emissions baseline and then set science-based targets for improvement. We’re excited to welcome Aimée Christensen to our Box.org Advisory Council this year, as she brings deep expertise in climate and environmental sustainability.

Finally, we’re grateful to also support another customer of ours, The Nature Conservancy - a nonprofit committed to conserving the lands and water of which all life depends, with a $50,000 grant towards a digital transformation pilot project they’re pursing in Maui to use catalogued data sources and rapid AI and software prototyping to develop a new, efficient way of identifying locations of current and potential invasive species spread. We’ve also partnered with them in support of their Plant a Billion trees initiative to plant thousands of trees this year in honor of some of our Boxers and customers (if you attended the Content Cloud Summit last week, a tree is being planted for you!).

Happy Earth Day!