Feel the need for speed? Accelerate your business with Box for Salesforce enhancements

Box & Salesforce

Today, we’re using more apps than ever to get work done — which means organizations need less context switching and less content fragmentation across apps to keep productivity high. That’s why we’re enhancing Box for Salesforce, one of our most popular integrations, with a fully immersive experience that helps teams move work forward without leaving the Salesforce experience they know and love.  These enhancements include richer Box Sign functionality, making it easier and more cost-effective to send documents for signature using Box and Salesforce together.

Since the global rollout last November, thousands of customers have adopted Box Sign, and many use it to power e-signatures right within Salesforce. In response to strong customer demand, we’re excited to announce the following enhancements to the Box for Salesforce integration:

  • Retrieve from Box lets users select a template or document in Box to send for signature from within Salesforce and save the completed document back to Box. This enables customers to also use the Box Content Cloud as their secure content layer in Salesforce, minimizing document duplication and reducing content sprawl.
  • Additional template tags allow teams to specify up to 50 template tags in a document and map them directly to Salesforce fields, accelerating document preparation and minimizing human error. This feature automatically populates information — such as names, titles, and email IDs — from Salesforce into agreements prior to sending them out for signature and assigns document fields to specific signers for their input.
  • Support for Salesforce Flow helps customers build, manage, and run business processes end to end with e-signatures powered by Box Sign. Instead of configuring the entire workflow from scratch, teams can now use Salesforce Flow, a low-code tool, to automate multi-user processes using built-in task management.

Overall, these enhancements help standardize, scale, and speed up the process of getting documents like contracts, purchase orders, and service agreements signed — all right from within Salesforce.

Box Sign

Let’s see an example of how the Box Content Cloud can streamline processes across the customer engagement and sales cycle for teams working in the Salesforce Sales Cloud:

1. When a new opportunity is created in Salesforce, a Box Relay workflow is automatically kicked off. This creates a standard folder structure associated with that opportunity record in Box that is populated with onboarding documents and templates, including a mutual NDA document.

2. The account rep clicks a pre-configured Box Sign button in the Salesforce record, which pulls in the standard NDA template from Box using the retrieve from Box feature. Now, the rep can add a personalized message and send it out for signature.  The account team can track the status of the NDA directly from the record and get notified when it’s signed so they can promptly kick off the engagement.

3. The account team then moves the engagement forward by leveraging structured data in Salesforce — such as information on key decision makers and meetings with influencers,   as well as unstructured content from Box — such as pitch decks, product datasheets, solution demos, and more. All of this content is accessible right from the Salesforce record with appropriate Box folder permissions configured for account team access, enhancing security without getting in the way of work.

4. When the deal is set to close, Box Sign can pick up a purchase agreement template from Box. With template tags embedded in the document, Box Sign automatically pulls up to 50 mapped fields from Salesforce objects including the names, titles, and email IDs of the required signatories. From there, Box Sign automatically assigns appropriate signature and other fields to the signatories and sends the document out for signature.

Box and Salesforce

5. Once the purchase agreement is signed, the Sign – Relay integration in Box can kick off a Box Relay workflow to automate customer onboarding steps and assign appropriate tasks to the account team members.

6. The workflow can also ensure a copy of the contract is saved in the legal team’s folder and protected from accidental deletion with an appropriate Box Governance retention policy.

7. Finally, the workflow can classify the agreement as “Confidential” using Box Shield and enforce security policies that prevent unauthorized sharing to protect sensitive customer information, restrict downloading or printing on unauthorized devices, or dynamically apply watermarks.

The Content Cloud

As you can see, these new features make the Box for Salesforce integration even more seamless, and a game-changer for sales teams. Beyond e-signatures, the Box Content Cloud provides secure collaboration and workflow capabilities for every piece of content accessed via the Box for Salesforce integration. Teams outside of sales also benefit from the integration, including those leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and more.

Box customers can enroll in a limited-time promotional offer of unlimited e-signatures via the Box for Salesforce integration as part of our Enterprise Plus plan, if purchased by July 31, 2022. This is in addition to unlimited signatures via the Box web app, for all customers on Business plans and above. To learn more about Box Sign and the Box for Salesforce integration, and see live demos, join our upcoming webinar.