Deliver a secure, on-brand signing experience with Box Sign

As enterprises continue to build hybrid working models while navigating macroeconomic uncertainties, they are expecting more out of their platforms to consolidate costs and reduce complexity while staying secure and compliant. With unlimited native signatures (on Business plans and above) available to customers using Box Sign, thousands of organizations are currently leveraging the Box Content Cloud  to digitize transactions in the cloud. Today, we are thrilled to announce several new features for Box Sign, including:

  • Custom branding capabilities that provide signers with a consistent, on-brand experience
  • Signer login to Box authentication for additional security and compliance
  • Key integrations with Appian and UiPath to automate business processes and workflows for signature
Box Sign

Custom Branding

With every request for signature comes the opportunity for companies to reinforce their brand and build trust with their external stakeholders. Often, signature requests are sent with little to no indication or instantly recognizable information on who the sender is and the purpose of their request. As a result, signers become unresponsive, requests expire, and, consequently, business is delayed. Additional time and resources are then required to re-service the request or perform manual outreach.

Now with the custom branding feature, organizations can deliver a branded signing experience, with the ability to customize the company header logo, button color theme, email footer text, and the company name in the ‘from’ section of all Box Sign related emails. This new feature can also be used internally, in conjunction with the Box account branding to provide employees with a consistent, end-to-end branded experience for their everyday use of Box, including signing internal documents.

Custom branding for Box Sign is available to all customers on Business plans and above. Check out this article to learn more.

Signer Login

Signer Login to Box

Authentication is essential in obtaining legally valid signatures and improving non-repudiation. Given the burgeoning demand for e-signature adoption and the fact that different industries have different security and compliance requirements, it’s no wonder that signer identity verification is recognized as a critical area of focus for many businesses.

To address this, we are adding a new signer login to Box capability in Box Sign that allows customers to authenticate signers by requiring them to log in to their Box account before they can gain access to documents for signature or approval. This new capability expands on our existing signer authentication and access management features by adding another layer of security and compliance, without user friction. Common use cases include internal agreements like promotion letters and external agreements like financial agreements or HIPAA-related documents like business associate agreements.

Signer login to Box is available on our Enterprise Plus plan. You can learn more here.

Seamless Third Party Integrations

We recently introduced two new integrations for Box Sign that enhance ROI and deliver additional value within applications your organization already uses today:

  • Appian
    • Leverage the Box Sign integration with Appian to add signature capabilities to your low-code applications
    • Quickly move documents between Appian and Box to take advantage of Appian’s full unified suite of automation and workflow capabilities.
    • Use cases include change request forms, global contract onboarding and more
  • UiPath
    • Automate content collection, routing, distribution, and e-signature
    • Accelerate complex enterprise workstreams and e-signature processes while reducing errors by eliminating manual, error-prone processes
    • Use cases include employee onboarding, sales operations contracts and more

Learn more about Box’s Appian and UiPath integrations.

Appian Award

Box was named as Appian’s ‘Innovative Technology Partner Award’ winner for 2022! Box is recognized for its exciting new capabilities released this year as part of the Box Content Cloud.

These enhancements for Box Sign build on our mission to deliver value to our customers, unlock new use cases and possibilities, and power how the world works together.