Box re-launches its Trust Partner Program with new integrations

Box re-launches its Trust Partner Program with new integrations

Every business needs to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing threat landscape, especially when it comes to protecting mission-critical content. To achieve this, information security and technology teams today rely on multiple best-of-breed tools like Cisco, Okta, and Splunk to protect their technology assets, but need one secure content layer to manage and secure content across all of these applications. That’s where the Box Content Cloud comes in. 

With the Box Content Cloud,  security and compliance tools are natively built in and not bolted on.  This is why  over 100,000 global businesses trust Box to manage, share, secure, and collaborate on their content, internally and externally, with customers and partners. To extend these capabilities across our partner ecosystem, today Box is updating its Trust Partner Program to ensure that customers have the best of breed security, visibility and accessibility for their business critical content in Box.

The Updated Box Trust Partner Program

Members of the Box Trust Partner Program are a select group of innovators focused on security and compliance solutions that extend Box’s native capabilities, allowing us to act  as the single content layer that connects and protects all of your mission critical data. Today we’re announcing several new members and updated partner integrations across five key categories: Data security, Data governance, Device security, Visibility and response, and Identity.

Box Trust Partner Program


Threat surface goes beyond files, sharing actionable risk signals between partners is critical through a standardized approach to attain a zero trust security model. Box is committed to adopting the Continuous Access Evaluation Protocol (CAEP) to make it easier to share signals across the vendor ecosystem. At the RSA Conference on Jun 6, 2022 in San Francisco, Cisco and Box will be demonstrating a post login risk-based authentication scenario in which a user’s security posture changes after their initial login (as an example). Cisco Secure Access by Duo sends a respective signal back to Box and per pre-configured security policies, Box triggers a user session termination. This use case demonstration leverages CAEP and Box’s innovative stance on best-practices, in addition to our existing CloudLock and Webex integrations.


To learn more about Box and Cisco visit our App Center.


Available today, security analysts using Splunk can efficiently evaluate alerts from Box Shield, alongside data from other applications, and launch directly into Shield alerts for more details. In addition to security events, the Splunk Add-On for Box can collect data such as enterprise events, users and user groups, collaborations, and metadata about files and folders via the Box REST APIs. This allows full visibility into activities from a wide range of sources, such as Box, empowering you to respond to threats in real time with insights so you can act accordingly.

To learn more about Box and Splunk visit our App Center.


Relativity recently announced a technology partnership with Box. Collect in RelativityOne now supports direct file collections from Box complementing legal hold capabilities in Box. For data governance needs, Box’s Relativity integration helps users centralize their most critical information to better streamline their information governance.


To learn more about Box and Relativity visit our App Center.

Theta Lake

Theta Lake recently announced a technology partnership with Box that enables the capture, retention, and supervision of electronic communications. Available today, content and metadata in Box – such as comments, tasks, and annotations – can now be captured in Theta Lake’s 17a-4, WORM compliant archive or sent to an existing third-party email archive. This allows organizations in highly regulated industries, like financial services, to use Box as their secure content management system and feed electronic communications into data governance solutions such as Theta Lake to satisfy business preservation regulations as well as audit and legal requirements of their overall compliance program.

Theta Lake

To learn more about Box and Theta Lake visit our App Center.

In summary, The Box Trust Partner Program is a select group of leading companies that are a part of the 1,500 partners that we go to market with. We are excited to welcome Theta Lake and Relativity to the Box Trust Partner Program, and to deepen our partnership with Cisco and Splunk.

Learn about additional partners

Box’s open platform integrates with additional security and compliance solutions, such as Okta, OneTrust, Onna, and Varonis, ensuring that content remains secure, compliant, and easily managed—no matter where it’s accessed and shared across the IT stack. Box recently released a new App Center that will make it easier to discover and benefit from all of these apps and integrations.


Together, Box and Okta ensure fast and secure access to content, from any device, and seamless collaboration across the extended enterprise. Box and Okta help teams keep up with the demands of a growing business by enabling administrators to quickly deploy Box organization-wide, with automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts. Okta provides Box administrators with centralized user provisioning, access management, and reporting.

To learn more about Box and Okta visit our App Center.


The OneTrust integration helps Box customers build trust with their users by offering transparency and choice over how their data is used. OneTrust enables businesses using Box to discover, classify, and govern personal and nonpersonal data within Box, as well as automate the fulfillment of privacy rights requests including Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR), and consumer and employee requests (including access and deletion). 

"Companies are increasingly expected to have very strong privacy, data ethics, and data governance programs. If done right, this accelerates the use of data in an organization, going beyond compliance to trusted data use,” said Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer at OneTrust. “OneTrust streamlines privacy, GRC, security, and ethics programs for Box customers to more easily navigate new and changing privacy regulations, adopt privacy best practices, and deliver trusted and transparent experiences. We’re proud to be a Box technology partner, as we share a joint mission to drive innovation and collaboration while helping organizations put trust at the center of their operations and culture.”

To learn more about Box and OneTrust visit our App Center.


Onna helps businesses automate enterprise needs such as eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance. The Onna platform collects, processes, preserves, and searches across Box data to streamline unstructured data management. This data includes, but is not limited to, files stored in Box, comments, collaboration tasks, and related metadata.

“Today’s modern businesses rely on numerous communication, collaboration, and content applications, including Box, to get work done. Being proactive in thinking about how these apps fit into their eDiscovery and information governance strategies is key, and in partnering with Box, Onna is helping them get there,” said Jose Lazares, Chief Product Officer at Onna. “With Onna, organizations can centralize their eDiscovery, compliance, and information governance efforts across their enterprise applications such as Box, Slack, Zoom, and more.”

To learn more about Box and Onna visit our App Center.


Varonis extends Box’s native content security and threat protection capabilities by providing a single pane of glass for securing data not only in Box, but also in a customer’s broader SaaS environment. Varonis classifies data across the SaaS environment, pinpoints where data is overexposed (either through excessive permissions or misconfigurations), and monitors data for threats to prevent data breaches.

"We are proud to support and complement Box's mission and continuous innovation as a technology partner," said David Bass, Executive VP of Engineering and Chief Technology Officer, Varonis. "The Box Content Cloud is a force multiplier for productivity, and Varonis takes a data-first approach to securing critical data from overexposure and cyberthreats. Together, we're augmenting Box's native capabilities and extending security controls throughout an organization's cloud environment."

Learn more about Box and Varonis on the Varonis website.

To learn more about the Box Trust Partner Program read our whitepaper.

More Content Cloud updates

We’ve also recently released several enhancements to Box Shield to help protect and govern the flow of information throughout your organization. Box announced new threat detection capabilities that build on the traditional hash-based approach to help identify more sophisticated malware. Now, customers using Box Shield can:

  • Apply malware deep scan to additional file types, including Microsoft Office files to better protect against unknown malware and ransomware
  • Add automatic watermarking to classified documents to help reduce unauthorized sharing
  • Enforce and passively monitor how access policies could potentially interfere with end-users before applying them

Building on this innovation, Box also is continuously investing in capabilities to help all Box customers achieve Zero Trust security. Available later this summer, we are excited to announce the following new features:

  • Group-based Device Trust policies enable admins to put into place security policies for a group of users versus an all-or-nothing scenario
  • A new API for user session termination that forces a re-login for users who’s security posture has changed
  • An additional multi-factor authentication (MFA) option through email if you don’t have access to your mobile authenticator app or text message
  • MFA backup codes in case you don’t have access to your mobile device

If you're interested in learning more about the Box Content Cloud and leveraging these integrations within your organization, reach out to your Box account representative today. If you are interested in becoming a Box technology partner visit our website and apply here. Lastly, to learn more about Box’s native security and compliance capabilities visit our website.